Mild Steel Balustrade Installation in Middelburg

Our latest steel fabrication job completed in Middelburg, involved the installation of mild steel curved balustrades.

Mild steel is becoming more and more popular as most of our current jobs are mild steel. Mild steel definitely has distinct disadvantages, it corrodes easily and it requires a lot of constant touch up work, but is far more cost effective when one is on a tight budget. Read more!

Leading Balustrade Company In Middelburg

Duratrend’s stainless steel balustrades Middelburg branch is also an area that we cover in Mpumalanga. We have been doing numerous stainless steel and mild steel balustrade projects in Middelburg as well as the surrounding areas of Mpumalanga.

Team Duratrend doesn’t just specialize in stainless steel balustrades, but also the design, manufacture and installation of custom mild steel, wood and glass structures such as staircases, hand rails, gates, structural steel and stainless steel accessories. We work hand in hand with our customers as well as receiving feedback from the builders and architects to ensure the final product meets with the customers approval. Read more!