Mild Steel Balustrade Installation in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga.

Duratrend mildsteel 2Duratrend Mildsteel

Duratrend completed another mild steel balustrade project at The Rest Eco Estate in Nelspruit. This was quite a challenging project as there were a lot of curved sections due to the spiral staircase. Nonetheless we completed the project according to the clients specifications. Carbon Steel can be easily manufactured and is usually quick to install due to its toughness and strength.  No specific tool needs to be used to machine the mild steel making it the preferred material to used for custom steel designs and areas where lots of bending is required.

Installation of Stainless Steel Balustrades, Bumper Rails and Storage Cages.

Foodlovers 3

We have just completed a project for the new Food Lovers Market in Nelspruit. Our team has been putting in long hours to meet the deadline as it is opening this Thursday.  Duratrend was awarded the contract to manufacture and install the bumper rails, balustrades and storage cages for them.  Read more!

Mild Steel Powder Coated Balustrades with Wooden Top Tubing

IMG-20150225-WA0003IMG-20150225-WA0001This project took place at Ntulu Estate in Nelspruit. Duratrend offers stainless steel as well as a mild steel balustrade option. Mild steel balustrades are usually powder coated to increase their durability as well as reduce corrosion when exposed to harsh outdoor environment.

Installation Of Quality Stainless Steel Balustrades In Nelspruit

Stainless steel balustrades in Nelspruit

Duratrend offers professional fabrication and installation services on a wide range of stainless steel balustrades in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. Our stainless steel balustrade options are professionally designed and installed resulting in a seamless finish with machined fittings and covers.

Duratrend is one of the leading suppliers of quality stainless steel balustrades in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, we are determined to provide a quality service with speedy and precise installations on site.  Read more!