Tinted GSB Glass Balustrades in Nelspruit

This is a project we haven’t done before and it came out great!  Powder coated mild steel balustrades with dark grey tinted TSG glass. The powder coating was done by Jurgens Powder Coaters in Nelspruit. The glass was supplied by Compass Glass in Gauteng.

Tinted glass was a new project we tried and we highly recommend it, it has a very unique finish.

IMG-20150422-WA0008 IMG-20150422-WA0007


Mpumalanga Balustrade Installations

Two similar balustrade jobs were completed in Secunda and Ermelo.  These clients opted for the stainless steel balustrade options.

Even though stainless steel is a bit more pricey than the mild steel option, its really better in the long run, as it is much more durable and long lasting. Stainless steel does not rust or corrode and does not require any maintenance after it has been installed. Read more!

Mild Steel Balustrade Installation in Middelburg

Our latest steel fabrication job completed in Middelburg, involved the installation of mild steel curved balustrades.

Mild steel is becoming more and more popular as most of our current jobs are mild steel. Mild steel definitely has distinct disadvantages, it corrodes easily and it requires a lot of constant touch up work, but is far more cost effective when one is on a tight budget. Read more!

Glass Balustrade Installation at Kudu Ranch Estate – Lydenburg

Duratrend’s most recent project was completed at Kudu Ranch Estate in Lydenburg. We worked in conjunction with Genevieve Naude the architect who designed most of the houses at the estate. The materials used to complete this project were stainless steel spigots, 12mm TSG glass which would be side mounted to finish the glass balustrades.  We make use of a Johannesburg based company to supply our glass, namely Compass Glass. The clients were highly satisfied with the overall look of the finished product. A job well done and we hope to expand our glass and stainless steel balustrade installations further into Lydenburg and surrounding areas.

IMG-20150330-WA0021 Read more!

Mild Steel Balustrade Installation in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga.

Duratrend mildsteel 2Duratrend Mildsteel

Duratrend completed another mild steel balustrade project at The Rest Eco Estate in Nelspruit. This was quite a challenging project as there were a lot of curved sections due to the spiral staircase. Nonetheless we completed the project according to the clients specifications. Carbon Steel can be easily manufactured and is usually quick to install due to its toughness and strength.  No specific tool needs to be used to machine the mild steel making it the preferred material to used for custom steel designs and areas where lots of bending is required.